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A controllable stove is the economical, contemporary take on an open flame fire, that open fire can send up to 70% of your heat straight up the chimney. Wood burning or multifuel, a stove contains the heat and directs it to where we need it - single room, back boiler, central heating radiators.


Here at the Woodburning Centre we showcase the best in modern stove production. Please browse the categories listed on our site and, if you have any questions, please contact us, we’ll be pleased to help you.
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Ecodesign is a new European-wide programme to help lower emissions and improve air quality launching 1 January 2022 across the UK and Europe. All products manufactured after that date will have to comply to Ecodesign regulations. The regulations will cover a broad range of emissions including Particulate Matter (PM10 & PM2.5), CO2, NOx, OGC (Other gaseous carbon) and CO.

Stove manufacturers are already designing stoves that meet the Ecodesign criteria and here at The Woodburning Centre we are already able to offer stoves carrying the ‘Ecodesign Ready’ label to our customers.

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We are happy to answer your questions and never try to persuade customers into buying something that they don’t really want or that won’t meet their needs. Unlike some of the very big suppliers in this business, we aren’t simply interested in ‘selling you the box’ and leaving you to work out what to do on your own.